The alternative to the Corona-Warn-App – without Google Services

A transparent open source solution for older smartphones and for other operating systems

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Open Source Solution of the Google Tracing API

CoraLibre is an open alternative to the official Corona-Warn-App and works without the non-transparent Google Services.


4 reasons to use the CoraLibre app:

Supports other operating systems

CoraLibre is available for users that use Android without Google Play Services.

Google Play Services are not required

CoraLibre works without Google Play Services and offers the same functionality as the official Corona-Warn-App.

Supports legacy smartphones

Users with devices that do not meet the system requirements for the official app will still be able to use CoraLibre.*

Transparent source code

The source code of the official Google Tracing protocol is not publicly available - CoraLibre's source code is entirely accessible on GitHub.

*An Android smartphone with Bluetooth LE support is required.

You can help bring CoraLibre to life!

The CoraLibre App is continuously being developed on a voluntary basis. Nevertheless we need your support and are happy about every helping hand. If you're a developer willing to help, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Open-Source-Implementierung der Google-Tracing-APIOpen-Source-Implementierung der Google-Tracing-APIOpen-Source-Implementierung der Google-Tracing-APIDownload CoraLibre.apkThe CoraLibre app is still under development, crashes and errors can still occur at this point.

This project is funded by the government of the federal state of Hessen.

This project is financially supported by the government of the federal state of Hessen during the period from 10.06.2020 until 31.12.2020. The goal is to build a modern platform that ensures the availability of the app as well as to promote international intercommunication with other contract tracing apps.

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